Active Admin 2.1 Application for OS X Yosemite




  • Gary Bidwell

    The Active Admin 2.1 is reporting its damaged when you try to launch it in Yosemite - could you double check the this available download 

    (fyi: the Active Monitor 2.3 you also posted however launches and runs fine in 32-bit mode)


    Also, any available update to ActiveSAN application get allow that to run in Mavericks correctly?

  • Giancarlo Vasquez

    Hi Gary, 

    Try the following steps before launch the App. :

    1.”Get info” on the application selected

    1. Select “Open in 32-bit mode”

    2. Close the "Get info" window

    3. Launch the application.

    Our ActiveSAN application support only up to OS X 10.8.5 (stable version), We don't have a new release for the moment. You can Monitor your ActiveSAN using the Active Viewer 2.3


  • Steve Staskiewicz

    I'm seeing the same thing even though I've checked the 32-bit mode box.

  • Sleisers


    Same issue with the Active Admin 2.1 being damaged and unable to open in Yosemite. Any updates?

  • Sleisers

    You don't need to download the new ActiveAdmin. You can do the same process of "Get Info" and checking "Open in 32-bit" for ActiveAdmin 2.0. Was able to shutdown everything properly/. Would still be interested to hear about ActiveAdmin 2.1.

  • Robinson Nunez

    For Yosemite to allow opening Active Admin, you must disable GateKeeper:

    System Prefences, Security and Privacy

    Allos apps downloaded from Anywhere





  • Giancarlo Vasquez

    Hi Robinson, 

    Thank you for your comment.

  • João Vitor Mendonça Moura


    I would like to know if Active Viewer works on El Capitan.

    I'm trying to open version 2.3 and am not succeeding, it throws the error:

      "The operation could not be completed (OSStatus error -9801.)"

    Can you help me?

  • Giancarlo Vasquez

    Hi Joao,

    We only support up to OS X Yosemite. Please download the document from link below on how create a Yosemite virtual box.


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